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Red chilaquiles

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The best breakfast for weekends, try this recipe for red chilaquiles

When you have a family meeting for home breakfast, chilaquiles is a very good option to prepare (in large quantities) and very easily. You can cook them in a ovenproof and serve it (the same process can be done for green chilaquiles with Cheff Green Sauce Base).

4 Servings


  • 80 grams Cheff Red Salsa Base + 500 ml water = 580 grams hydrated red Salsa

  • 300 grams corn tortilla chips

  • 1 pinch of table salt

  • 200 grams white cheese

  • 150 ml cow cream


In a frying pan put 500 ml of water, add 80 grams of dehydrated Red Base Salsa , heat and stir.

When it start boiling, add the <i>tortilla</i> chips, lower the heat and cook it for 4 minutes with the pot covered.

Add cream and white cheese.

Another way to cook it

Add 500 ml boiling water in a pot, gradually integrate 80 grams of Cheff Red Salsa Base and once it is hydrated, integrate the tortilla chips and stir until they are covered by the salsa. Add cream and cheese.

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