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6 Benefits of Dehydrated Food for Restaurants

During the past months, it's hard to read all over how small restaurants were hit hard with the lockdown due to COVID-19, supply chains disrupted, causing variation in price and availability of products.

They need all the help they can to recover the time lost and increase efficiencies in their operations to help their margins.

Over the past five years, we have compiled the great results that several establishments and foodservice companies had by using innovative dehydrated products like fruits, vegetables, beans, and salsas. They have proven to be a fantastic way to boost productivity by facilitating kitchen operations and keeping the management team focused on offering a great experience to their guests.

In this post, we will be covering what such benefits are and why they are so relevant for the current times we are facing.

  1. Extremely Convenient. What you need when you need it. Dehydrated beans and salsas are easy to prepare instantly, just adding hot water, kitchen staff can calculate the yield required for a specific day and quickly prepare more if they are running low.

  2. Maintain Consistency. They will always taste the same. The products are made with the best quality ingredients and mixed in a lab according to formulas and recipes that guarantee the same flavor across locations. It's super simple to train the personnel on the water to product ratio to prepare the quantity and consistency they require.

  3. Long Shelf Lifes. Dehydrated products last longer, avoiding the fluctuation of produce costs guaranteeing price and availability for more extended periods. Plus, it doesn't require a lot of space or refrigeration.

  4. Save time in the Kitchen. There is no need to peel, clean or deal with produce, storage, cooking, flavor or consistency, we have seen up to 21 hours saved per week by avoiding all or some of these activities every week.

  5. Reduce Wastage. Mistakes in the cooking processes produce most of the wastage and because more quantity than needed was prepared and can't be refrigerated. Dehydrated products don't require cooking, and you make what's needed, so both sources of wastage eliminated.

  6. Save Money Overall. All the tangible benefits like quick training, not having to cook, no wastage add considerable economic returns.

Small restaurants can try these innovative products to prepare the dishes they are used to quickly, therefore saving a valuable amount of time, that they need to work on customer service and deal with the new requirements to keep their locations open safely.

If you want to know more about how dehydrated products can help your restaurant or try them yourself leave us a comment or follow us on Facebook

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